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5 Important Tips for Boarding Your Pet

March 15, 2019

Many people have never boarded their pet before.

Perhaps you did place your pet in boarding once before, but you didn't have a good experience. Fortunately, with the right preparation boarding, your pet needn't be as stressful or upsetting as you might expect. In fact, many pets thoroughly enjoy their furry vacation which enables you to relax and focus on what you are doing while he is in boarding.

To help you get organized and make the process as simple and straightforward as possible, here are five important tips for pet boarding in Nashville, TN.

1. Choose Your Pet's Boarding Facility with Care

Many owners think that the easiest thing is to choose a boarding facility that is the nearest to their home. However, just because somewhere is local doesn't mean that it is the right place for your pet to stay. The types of accommodation and the services offered at boarding locations can vary wildly and you will want to ensure that you are somewhere that can offer your pet the care and attention that he deserves. Ask around for recommendations first of all. You may have friends or family that have used boarding that they would recommend. However, this still doesn't necessarily make it the right facility for your pet so you will still need to visit and ask plenty of questions about where he will be staying, what he will be doing while there, and what other things they can offer. Check out reviews online and be certain to see every facility that you shortlist in person. This will help you to make an informed decision as to which place is best to care for your pet in your absence.

2. Don't Change Your Pet's Diet

Many owners who haven't boarded their pet before believe that their pet will have to eat whatever food is offered by the facility they choose. However, this is not the case. Veterinarians in Nashville, TN advocate keeping your pet on the same diet as normal to avoid upsetting his stomach. Therefore, if the facility you choose cannot provide the same brand of food that he normally eats, make sure that you can supply your own!

3. Get Your Pet's Preventative Care on Point before Boarding

Most boarding facilities will have certain criteria that need to be met before they will accept Duke to stay. In most instances, this revolves around his preventative care. So that they can reduce the risk of illness in an environment where there are a number of animals in close quarters with one another, most boarding services in Nashville, TN insist that owners provide proof of their pet being up to date with their vaccinations and parasite prevention. Without these, your pet may not be allowed to board. Ensure that he is as healthy as he can be, is up to date with his preventative care, and is free from fleas, ticks, and worms before booking him in for boarding.

4. Complete All the Paperwork Ahead of Dropping Your Pet off

Much like leaving a human child in the care of someone else, there will be a lot of paperwork you will need to complete before your pet can board. This will include information about his health and any medications he needs, his dietary requirements, and his general temperament. Make sure that you note down your emergency contact details so you can be made aware in case something urgent arises, as well as providing any other information that may be beneficial about your pet.

5. Don't Make a Fuss when You Leave Your Pet in Boarding

The most rookie mistake made by pet owners when leaving their animals at a boarding facility is to make a huge fuss. However, by making a massive show of affection to Tucker, he is going to sense that something big is going down. This will put him on edge immediately and make it much harder for him to settle into his temporary accommodation. Instead, you should try and show only the same amount of emotion as if you were leaving him just for a few hours, such as when going to the store or the gym. This will help reinforce the fact that you are returning in his mind, and he will be able to relax much more quickly. By the time he realizes you aren't coming back immediately, he will be engaged in the fun activities offered by your boarding facility in Nashville, TN.

Need more tips for boarding your pet? Our experienced and knowledgeable vets in Nashville, TN will be happy to share everything that they know. Please contact Richland Animal Clinic today at (615) 356-6534 to speak to us or schedule an appointment to visit our boarding facilities.